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As enrollments dwindle and colleges close, towns hope developers will revive abandoned campuses

June 2, 2023  |  Brad Noyes

B&D’s very own Brad Noyes recently had the opportunity to sit down with National Public Radio (NPR) and discuss the idea of unused campus space being repurposed into new business ventures, such as luxury resorts.

“There’s a sense in the real estate community that there is a huge market opportunity,” said Brad Noyes, a vice president at Brailsford and Dunlavey, a consultant group that works with higher ed institutions that downsize. Noyes said in reality, former campuses are — at best — complex real estate opportunities.

“It becomes very challenging if you cannot find a partner, or a new institution, or a real estate development partner, that really can take advantage of the full value of that campus,” he explained.

This is an excerpt from an article originally posted on Marketplace. You can read the full piece here.

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B.J. Crain, Former Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration
Texas Woman’s University

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