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Venues Expertise

B&D understands that whether in a city or on a college campus, the scale and impact of a sports venue is unique in its ability to build community and generate revenue.

We have a team of specialized venues experts who are equipped with the analytical and advisory tools to bring an arena, stadium, ballpark, or events center to life. B&D’s venues practice has served hundreds of clients in the development of their sports and assembly facilities.

Featured Outcomes

Our venues portfolio includes nationally recognized projects that are market-responsive, with a focus on long-term sustainability, the fan experience, and financial value.

These case studies highlight our specialized expertise in delivering state-of-the-art sports and entertainment venues.

“B&D provided clear insights, deep analysis, and valuable recommendations for product mix and pricing. They have a very thorough understanding of the industry and an ability to connect to research on the local market.”

Thad Sheely, Chief Operating Officer
Atlanta Hawks Basketball Club and State Farm Arena

Our proven process allows for timely and data-driven decision-making at any stage of venue development.

Determining the premium seating offerings of a new university arena. Securing zoning and public approvals for a major league stadium. Managing the negotiations of a lease agreement with a new minor league tenant.

These are just a few examples of how B&D partners with our clients. Our venues specialists ensure that assets are market-responsive, sustainable, and celebrated by fans and community members.


How do you define the right venue project that meets market and financial realities while achieving strategic objectives?

  • Define the strategic framework. B&D sets decision-making criteria with a focus on the client’s vision for the venue and its community.
  • Ensure market responsiveness. B&D’s analysis of venue capacity, premium seating/offerings, and ancillary development opportunities culminates in a feasible project.
  • Maximize financial performance. Our understanding of project delivery and operations allows owners to develop venues with less risk, more control, and more value.
  • Design an implementation and ownership plan. We represent our clients in determining advantageous partnerships, funding strategies, lease agreements, and project phasing.

How do you deliver the ideal venue project without compromising budget, schedule, or quality?

  • Strengthen the client’s role as owner. Program, vision, and project organization are at the forefront when B&D oversees design and construction.
  • Engage stakeholders. Our communications approach always puts stakeholders, fans, and community members at the center of venue development.
  • Manage risk and project control. B&D’s close monitoring of activities through preconstruction, construction, and turnover ensures programs run on time and on budget.
  • Navigate technical processes. We lead our clients through complicated processes such as procurement, regulatory approvals, permitting, and inspections.

How do you maximize the value of existing venue facilities and operations?

  • Prioritize investments. B&D employs a strategic framework to evaluate opportunities for revenue-optimizing concepts as well as long-term exposures.
  • Align funds and resources. Through research and analysis, we determine which capital obligations and operational assets require realignment.
  • Protect against potential risks. Our sustainable approach addresses factors such as a changing market dynamic or competitive context.
  • Find the right partners. When solutions need the expertise of private partners or operators, we lead a selection and negotiation process that maximizes the client’s interests.

Capital Planning

From premium seating to free wifi, the sports and entertainment marketplace is ever-changing. B&D’s specialized venues practice delivers capital plans that reconcile operational costs with revenue opportunities to understand a client’s net position with respect to facility investment.

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