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Higher Education Expertise

We critically evaluate opportunities and develop creative solutions for our higher education clients to maximize the value of their buildings and resources.

B&D understands the challenging environments in which colleges and universities operate and the importance of shaping a strong community of students, faculty, and staff. B&D knows what it takes to analyze conditions, identify solutions, and implement initiatives on today’s campuses.


B&D has partnered with over 600 colleges and universities, delivering transformative outcomes that help advance our clients’ goals.

We are experts in critically evaluating comprehensive campus systems. Our portfolio spans facilities and programs such as student housing, recreation, athletics, unions, dining, energy, innovation districts, mixed-use developments, and more. These case studies showcase some of the outcomes we have delivered alongside our clients.

“We didn’t have a knowledgeable leader to guide the process and that made us quite nervous as we were about to launch such an ambitious project. What Brailsford & Dunlavey provided from the project’s beginning were the leadership and technical skills to manage through complex situations, meet challenging schedules, manage tight budgets, and―most importantly―ensure quality results.”

Patrick Martin, Esq., Assistant Vice President for Real Estate, Public Partnerships & Compliance
Louisiana State University

Innovative solutions for the most complex issues facing your campus.

Designing a public-private partnership deal structure for a mixed-use development. Navigating a multi-campus dining contractor RFP process. Overseeing the construction process for a new recreation center. Identifying reforms for energy and utility capital improvements.

These are just a few examples of how B&D partners with our clients. Our advisory approach follows a series of analyses, judgments, and decisions that positions colleges and universities to achieve success.

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How do you define the right campus project that meets market and financial realities while achieving strategic objectives?

  • Define the strategic framework. B&D sets decision-making criteria with a focus on the school’s mission as the driver of a successful project.
  • Ensure market responsiveness. Through comprehensive analyses, we gain a thorough understanding of market conditions and context specific to the campus.
  • Maximize financial performance. Our understanding of project delivery and operations allows institutions to develop projects with less risk, more control, and more value.
  • Design an implementation and ownership plan. We represent our clients in determining advantageous partnerships, funding strategies, and project phasing.

How do you deliver the ideal campus project without compromising budget, schedule, or quality?

  • Strengthen the client’s role as owner. Program, vision, and project organization are at the forefront when B&D oversees design and construction.
  • Engage stakeholders. Our communications approach always puts the campus community of administrators, students, faculty, and staff at the center of project development.
  • Manage risk and project control. B&D’s close monitoring of activities through preconstruction, construction, and turnover ensures projects run on time and on budget.
  • Navigate technical processes. We lead our clients through complicated processes such as procurement, regulatory approvals, permitting, and inspections.

How do you maximize the value of existing campus facilities and operations?

  • Prioritize investments. B&D’s strategic framework empowers clients to make decisions that best enhance operational performance.
  • Align funds and resources. Through research and analysis, we determine which operational assets require realignment.
  • Protect against potential risks. Our sustainable approach addresses factors such as a changing competitive context or leadership transition.
  • Find the right partners. When solutions need the expertise of external partners or operators, we lead a selection and negotiation process that maximizes the school’s interests.

Energy & Utilities Advisory

B&D’s Energy & Utilities Advisory practice group leverages our proprietary decision-making methodologies to help colleges and universities plan, implement, and manage energy & utilities measures to sustain their campuses for the next generation.

To encourage conversation about the unique challenges and opportunities facing higher education campuses, B&D’s Dave Karlsgodt hosts the Campus Energy & Sustainability Podcast. The discussions range from energy conservation and efficiency to building science, food systems, and more.

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Communications & Public Engagement

Our Communications & Public Engagement team’s purpose is to help clients unlock opportunities through the development of exceptional communications and engagement strategies and activities.

Brailsford & Dunlavey’s CPE team develops communications and public engagement strategies for clients across the nation who seek to achieve bold visions through the built environment. The team provides advisory services and functions as a communications and engagement shop within organizations, increasing clients’ ability to build a shared understanding of process and outcomes with the communities they serve. Our approach is comprised of five overarching goals: create understanding, generate awareness, involve stakeholders, develop ownership, and achieve advocacy.

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Management Advisory Services

B&D has advised more college and university leaders than anyone else in getting maximum value from their campus operations. Our role is to empower our clients with the knowledge and decision-making framework that leads to highly successful outcomes and solutions. Learn more about the value we bring to our clients by downloading our Management Advisory Services brochure below.

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