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Municipal Expertise

Since our founding, B&D has been elevating the quality of life in communities and cities across the country.

We are dedicated to the planning, development, and implementation of buildings and spaces such as parks, recreation centers, libraries, and schools—all the physical places that make communities come to life through connection and enrichment.


B&D is an industry leader in planning and developing facilities that build community.

We have a proven track record in ensuring public sector owners successfully leverage their resources for the benefit of residents and taxpayers. These case studies showcase our commitment to empowering municipalities to maximize their public investments.

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Brailsford & Dunlavey as a firm that is highly professional, innovative, and committed to the delivery of accurate information and superior service.”

Cindy Curtis, Deputy City Manager
City of Virginia Beach, VA

Our advisory solutions shape the social infrastructure of our communities.

Transforming a neglected, city-owned parcel of land into a vibrant entertainment destination. Guiding a parks and recreation department through a public-private partnership process. Leading a communications effort around the renovation of a library. 

These are just a few examples of how B&D partners with our clients. We advise municipalities in the context of public and private funding, community input, local contracting, permitting and approvals, and all the other questions stakeholders face.


How do you define the right municipal project that meets market and financial realities while achieving strategic objectives?

  • Define the strategic framework. B&D sets decision-making criteria with a focus on community needs and objectives.
  • Ensure market responsiveness. We equip our clients with the physical data, community input, and economic analyses needed to develop a feasible project concept.
  • Maximize financial performance.Our understanding of project delivery and operations allows public owners to develop projects with less risk, more control, and more value.
  • Design an implementation and ownership plan. We represent our clients in determining advantageous partnerships, funding strategies, and project phasing.

How do you deliver the ideal municipal project without compromising budget, schedule, or quality?

  • Strengthen the client’s role as owner. Program, vision, and project organization are at the forefront when B&D oversees design and construction.
  • Engage stakeholders. Our communications approach ensures seamless coordination between the client, regulatory agencies, government offices, development partners, and community members.
  • Manage risk and project control. B&D’s close monitoring of activities through preconstruction, construction, and turnover ensures programs run on time and on budget.
  • Navigate technical processes. We lead our clients through complicated processes such as procurement, regulatory approvals, permitting, and inspections.

How do you maximize the value of existing public facilities and operations?

  • Prioritize investments. B&D’s strategic framework empowers public owners to make decisions that best enhance operational performance.
  • Align funds and resources. Through research and analysis, we determine which operational assets require realignment.
  • Protect against potential risks. Our sustainable approach addresses factors such as a changing market dynamic or political transition.
  • Find the right partners. When solutions need the expertise of private partners or operators, we lead a selection and negotiation process that maximizes the client’s interests.

Economic Impact & Benefits Analyses

B&D is equipped with sophisticated tools and strategies to analyze the direct and indirect benefits generated by the construction and operations of development projects. Our analyses quantify jobs supported, earnings, and economic activity, ensuring that investments create the maximum value for municipalities and their populations.

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