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B&D Plays a Big Role at U of Delaware’s Building X

August 1, 2023

As of Thursday, when the “Topping Out” custom was observed and that last stretch of structural steel went into place, an average of 125 people were working on the site every day, according to Nick Carneglia, project manager for Brailsford & Dunlavey, a project management and development advisory firm that works on higher education campuses across the country.

Carneglia said 177,741 hours had been invested onsite so far. More than 28 million pounds of concrete had been poured and 254 pieces of structural steel had been placed.

“Our greatest challenge has been coordinating efforts between approximately five other projects in the area, especially when working on underground utilities that serve multiple buildings,” Carneglia said. “The surrounding buildings contain sensitive scientific research that cannot be abruptly disrupted. Our teams provide great diligence in coordinating any utility shutdowns and road closures.”

This is an excerpt from the University of Delaware’s UDaily site. To read the full story, click here.

"The leadership and information from B&D, and the clarity with which they provide it, brings added credibility to the process and ensures that a range of university stakeholders, including senior leadership and our board, are fully informed for – and confident in – their required decision making.”

B.J. Crain, Former Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration
Texas Woman’s University

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