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B&D’s Kayla Anthony on “Closing the Gap: How a Facilities Master Plan Can Help Your City”

January 27, 2020  |  Kayla Anthony, AICP

Cities and counties across America face the same predicament: unrelenting demand for limited resources. Without enough funding to go around, elected officials and city staff must make high-stakes decisions about public spending on a number of things, such as facilities and services. With so much to choose from and pressure being applied from all sides, how can a government decision maker choose which projects to pursue?

One key to making these tough decisions is the facilities master plan. This community-driven and objective analysis can provide a strategic, macro-level look at a city’s entire portfolio of facilities alongside its needs and community desires.

This is an excerpt from an article published by American City and County. Read the full piece.

"From community relations through the heart of construction and planned completion, we have been blessed by just the right counselor who provided exactly the wise counsel we needed at precisely the right time. And we have even had fun in the midst of a very challenging process."

David O. Treadwell, Executive Director
Central Union Mission

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