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B&D CEO Paul Brailsford Talks Energy Partnerships With Industry Leaders at the P3 EDU Conference

December 11, 2020

B&D CEO Paul Brailsford recently moderated a virtual panel on Energy Partnership Opportunities as part of the 2020 P3•EDU Conference. The panel featured diverse voices from around the industry, including Johnson Controls CEO George Oliver, Chelle Izzi of NextEra Energy Resources, Mark Kennedy, the President of the University of Colorado System, and Jay Hawthorn of Barclays Investment Bank. Check out a video of the conversation below.



"From community relations through the heart of construction and planned completion, we have been blessed by just the right counselor who provided exactly the wise counsel we needed at precisely the right time. And we have even had fun in the midst of a very challenging process."

David O. Treadwell, Executive Director
Central Union Mission

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