Baltimore City Public Schools strengthens its community by investing in 21st century facilities

Project Highlights

  • Educational environments are being dramatically upgraded for Baltimore City students, teachers, and communities through the 21st Century School Buildings Program.
  • These new and renovated school buildings support excellence in teaching and learning with flexible spaces, collaborative learning areas, outdoor learning spaces, and technology-equipped classrooms.

Maryland Stadium Authority / Baltimore City Public Schools

Schools Modernization Program Management and Communications & Public Engagement Management

The 21st Century School Buildings Program was created to address Baltimore City’s aging and inadequate public school buildings. Education advocacy groups, the district, and a host of community stakeholders across the city built a coalition of support for legislation and funding to modernize Baltimore’s public schools.

B&D was brought on through a joint venture as owner’s representative and program manager to deliver on the promise of new and renovated schools to transform student opportunities and achievement, provide jobs and resources to families, and help revitalize neighborhoods.

Since 2011, B&D has worked to provide state-of-the-art facilities to support the educational goals of the district while working to accommodate shifting demographics during an economic resurgence in the city. B&D has led the planning, design management, construction management, quality assurance/quality control, sustainability consulting, contract administration, and program controls for the program. In addition to working as program manager, B&D has served as a community outreach advisor to the program while also developing and implementing strategic communications and public outreach strategies.

These new schools often represent the first significant public infrastructure investment in neighborhoods that have faced economic hardship. By working to bring the community together, B&D has helped make the 21st Century School Buildings Program a cornerstone and point of pride for communities across the city.


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