North Orange County Community College District formulates a working vision for the future growth and development of its three campuses

Project Highlights

  • The plan addresses solutions to fill the growing workforce needs in the region through career technical education (CTE).
  • Within a rapidly-evolving academic landscape, the plan emphasizes distance learning and hybrid education to improve access to higher education for North Orange County residents.

North Orange County Community College District

Comprehensive Educational & Facilities Master Plan

North Orange County Community College District sought to develop a comprehensive master plan for its three campuses—Cypress College, Fullerton College, and North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE)—to examine current programs and guide educational and facilities investments. The master plan would refine strategic goals and directions across the campuses and support compliance with accreditation standards in the state of California.

B&D’s approach started with essential stakeholder engagement, including planning meetings with student leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators, District-wide online surveys, campus forums, and remote workshops. This process provided clarity around strategic goals, facility opportunities, and the future of educational programs at each campus. The project team paired this information with internal (campus level) and external (state and regional) environmental analyses and facilities assessments completed in coordination with Moore Ruble Yudell Architects.

The resulting short- and long-term educational and facilities recommendations respond to the District’s strategic directions and goals and lay out a path to address evolving needs and challenges inhibiting student persistence, success, and equity.




master plan through 2030


stakeholders engaged in the process

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