Rutgers University maximizes the strategic value of its administrative units

Project Highlights

  • Rutgers University aims to optimize service quality, operational efficiency, and revenue generation across its Administrative Units.
  • Unifying and improving operations across three campuses will make work more effective and more efficient.

Rutgers University

Management Advisory Services

Rutgers University, the eighth oldest institution in the nation, has three campuses in the state of New Jersey, together serving over 70,000 students with a budget of over $4.5 billion. The extensive administrative services supporting these campuses and these students are operating in the same challenging context as the rest of higher education. But for over 10 years now, Rutgers has been strategically improving just about every facet of its operation.

B&D has helped Rutgers complete about a dozen project through our Management Advisory Services, including:

  • Auxiliaries organizational restructuring
  • Capital program & project management system (CPPM) solicitation and implementation (e-builder)
  • Computerized Work Order Management System (CWMS) solicitation and implementation
  • Energy P3 evaluation
  • Housing operational efficiency analysis
  • Access management & security technology operational efficiency and organizational structure analysis
  • Parking strategic plan
  • RCM (Responsibility Center Management) budget process evaluation
  • Transit mobility and operational plan – Covid-19

Through these and upcoming projects, Rutgers’ Administrative Units are empowered to maximize their strategic value to the institution through predictable and effective organizational, operational, and financial structures. Projects like the access management & security technology operational efficiency and organizational structure analysis will develop a sustainable budget model, while projects like the parking strategic plan will improve customer service performance. The collective outcomes of these projects will serve to unify and advance Rutgers’ Administrative Units, ushering in an era of improved experience for students and staff, generative revenue, and cost reductions.


increase in projected three-year average annual net revenue by unifying auxiliary management across all campuses


Computerized Work Order Management System now employed, down from 11


reduction in University subsidies to Auxiliary after Responsibility Center Management budget process evaluation

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