San José-Evergreen Community College District utilizes a bond program to transform their two-district campus

Project Highlights

  • B&D and SJCCED passed a $750M bond program to transform the two-district campus into a 21st Century Learning Environment. B&D continues to serve as program manager as the district implements their concept.
  • B&D’s Communications and Public Engagement team has led communications for the district, including a development website, ribbon cuttings, monthly reports, and more.

San José-Evergreen Community College District

Program Management Services Communications & Public Engagement Services

In 2016, the San José-Evergreen Community College District successfully passed the Measure X Bond Program, providing the two-campus district the opportunity to transform into a 21st Century learning environment.

This program will include new buildings, renovations, modernizations, and safety and technology upgrades. B&D serves as the program manager for this important effort, working alongside the district from concept through ribbon cutting.

Engaging stakeholders in critical visioning exercises, B&D has been at the center of the prioritization efforts, allocating more than $750M in bond funds and planning the district’s efforts through 2026 and beyond. Projects across the district are poised to improve student academic success, increase community impact, and facilitate a cohesive campus vision.

As part of the firm’s advisory services, the Communications & Public Engagement team led the development and management of EVC program website, event planning, and monthly report management and coordination.


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