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Snapshots of P3s: B&D Releases Its Second Annual “State of the Industry” Report

August 22, 2019

It’s here—B&D’s second annual Higher Education P3 “State of the Industry” research report is fresh off the press on the Higher Ed P3 Resource Center! The “State of the Industry” report aims to provide stakeholders exploring development projects a critical “snapshot” of the market’s key metrics. The report is based on B&D’s database of over 120 housing deals across the nation that have closed over the past 5 years.

What’s changing in housing and housing-anchored mixed-use projects this year? Here are some samples of the findings in the report:

  • 2018 saw an increase from 2017 in both number of projects and projects size (specific numbers enclosed in the report).
  • Why has interest in P3s not slowed down? Decreased state funding, shifting student expectations, and huge deferred maintenance issues are among the issues universities face today.
  • More than half of housing deals have long lease durations of 40+ years—and many have built-in extension options.
  • Private vs Public: Public 4-year institutions currently make up 63% of Housing P3s, but Private 4-year institution’s 37% has been steadily increasing, having risen from 25% in 2014.
  • The Northeast region continues to dominate with a larger percentage of deals than any other region, but which region is going against the trend with a decreasing number of deals?

From here, B&D is focused on expanding the deals being tracked across the country beyond housing, with half of the deals in the “pipeline” covering innovation districts, energy, academic buildings, childcare centers, office spaces, athletic facilities, and other asset types.

Download the full, free report to dig into these insights and many more.


Note: If you’re a developer who would like to have your projects represented in the next annual report, let us know.

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