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Stadium Renderings Can Excite, Confound and Anger

April 29, 2024

B&D President Chris Dunlavey tells Front Office Sports that stadium renderings “when communicated correctly, can be a very powerful marketing tool and help generate a groundswell of interest.” But he adds that “reaction to a set of renderings can often take on a life of its own, and you can run the risk of a rendering codifying a negative opinion. So it can create a bit of a chicken-or-egg dilemma, and sometimes it can be better to wait on releasing images.”

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"The leadership and information from B&D, and the clarity with which they provide it, brings added credibility to the process and ensures that a range of university stakeholders, including senior leadership and our board, are fully informed for – and confident in – their required decision making.”

B.J. Crain, Former Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration
Texas Woman’s University

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