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UCF to cut hotel-style services in dorms instead of raising housing fees

February 12, 2021

UCF plans to end in-room trash removal and vacuuming service and cut the cord on cable TV service in its on-campus housing as it seeks to reduce expenses and avoid increasing rental rates.

Faced with rising expenses and upcoming maintenance projects, University of Central Florida trustees heard Wednesday about several planned cost-cutting measures in its residence halls, including reducing custodial and grounds services.

Starting this summer, students will have to take out their own trash to designated spots within each building and clean their own floors, expectations that are common at other institutions, a consultant told trustees. Custodial workers will continue to clean and vacuum common areas.

The university’s housing services are “best in class,” compared to other institutions, said Kevin Mara of Brailsford and Dunlavey.

“UCF is providing a level of custodial service, in particular, that is outside the norm,” Mara told trustees.

The school could save roughly $3.8 million annually by cutting in-room custodial services and other services, including cable TV service, Mara told trustees. UCF is spending roughly $5.22 per square foot on custodial and maintenance services in its university-owned housing, compared with an average of $4.25 in peer institutions.

This is an excerpt from an article originally published by The Orlando Sentinel. Read the full piece here.

"From community relations through the heart of construction and planned completion, we have been blessed by just the right counselor who provided exactly the wise counsel we needed at precisely the right time. And we have even had fun in the midst of a very challenging process."

David O. Treadwell, Executive Director
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